The Best Homemade Recipe to Whiten Your Hands and Feet

One of the most common reasons for black skin as well as ordinary skin are actually sunlight overexposure, environmental pollution, a health care ailment, dry out skin, worry, inadequate way of living choices, as well as prolonged use chemical-based cosmetic items.

Through using organic solutions you can efficiently lighten and also brighten your skin complexion.


Attempt this dish to typically whiten darker skin layer on your hands and feet.

Active ingredients:

1 tablespoon. coconut oil
A dash of turmeric powder
Extract coming from one cucumber
Extract coming from one lemon
1 tbsp. baking soft drink

Mix all the components until you receive a wonderful luscious paste.

Massage the insert on the affected regions as well as leave it on for at the very least 30 mins. Washout off along with lukewarm water. Perform this once daily for finest end results.


Prevent direct sunshine for 1-2 hours after use. If you have open cuts don’t use this remedy.

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